The law firm of Frymire, Evans, Peyton, Teague & Cartwright traces its roots back to its founding members, Neville “Abe” Moore (1899-1981), and Carroll W. Morrow (1907-1989).  Both were graduates of the University of Kentucky College of Law.  Moore specialized in mining, real estate and banking law.  Morrow, a former FBI agent, was an outstanding trial attorney in both civil and criminal matters.  He also served as Madisonville City Attorney for more than 20 years.

The firm of Moore & Morrow was formed in 1950 with offices in the Kentucky Bank & Trust Company building at the corner of Main and Center streets in Madisonville.  The present day firm of Frymire, Evans, Peyton, Teague, & Cartwright, more than 61 years later, continues to practice at the same office site.

Firm members today, as in the 1950s and 1960s, provide “A” rated legal services to our clients in the areas of business, real estate, family law, school law, municipal law, estates, probate practice, and trials.